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ico July 5th, 2011

Sitefinity 3.x v. 4.x

Telerik’s release of Sitefinity 4 added several new elements and enhancements to their ever popular CMs, however, for those already familiar with 3.x might become overwhelmed by the changes. Nearly every aspect of the old Sitefinity has been changed, from the way it’s structured, to the way Sitefinity gets built, in order to make the […]

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jqueryBindsImg June 2nd, 2011

Binding with jQuery (Bind, Live, Delegate)

In jQuery there are 3 main ways to bind an event to an element in your page. These three methods are .bind(), .live(), and .delegate(). At first glance they seem very similar and sometimes it may not matter which one you do use. However there are clear differences and knowing them will definitely help you […]

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SEOThumb April 26th, 2011

Importance of Content for SEO

So you want to be found? If so, then SEO is right for you. However, it’s not something that you pay for and be done with. It takes time and patience for both the client and the company hired.  One important aspect of SEO is client content. That is, how much information is on your […]

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10 Steps to creating a realistic shadow February 25th, 2011Posted: adminComments: 0

First off you need to find an element that looks sorta 3D with good lighting on it or you can create an element of your choice. It needs to have a transparent background. What you’re going to do is take the layer that has your current element and duplicate it so you have two layers […]

Creating a Post Selector in Sitefinity 3.7 January 24th, 2011Posted: adminComments: 1

One downfall to Sitefinity is that it lacks a lot of the plugins that systems like WordPress have built up over time. In this instance, I needed a Related Posts plugin for Sitefinity. Unfortunately – nothing like that existed for Sitefinity (before today). Through this post, we will implement functionality to select related posts in […]

Microsoft Surface “2.0” January 14th, 2011Posted: adminComments: 0

With the release of the new “Surface 2.0” at the CES event this year, the Surface platform has emerged as not only a development platform for touch-style applications, but also as a platform for marketing in many areas. With the new platform being debuted, the Surface has moved from a table-top, heavy-weight desk, to a […]

To CMS or not to CMS December 28th, 2010Posted: adminComments: 1

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break! Here is the latest installment to the Web Design Indiana blog – Having a website provides a business with a great advantage over its non-web competition. Without a Content Management System (CMS) maintaining that website can be tedious and maybe even costly.  CMS allow the user to […]

Taking your website to the next level! December 10th, 2010Posted: adminComments: 0

Use subtle gradients throughout your design This does not mean every little bit needs a gradient on your design but using small gradients like for example buttons: using a dark tone at the bottom and a high tone at the top of the button give a better visual appearance and adds more depth. A site […]

Top Social Resolutions for 2011 December 3rd, 2010Posted: adminComments: 0

While 2010 is quickly saying its goodbyes, most people already have their eyes on 2011. Soon, we will all be making resolutions to eat better, get fit, or become a better person, but what about business resolutions? We’ve compiled a list of our top five things to do in the upcoming New Year to improve […]